Online Teaching Degrees

There are many paths to becoming a teacher. From an associate degree in early childhood education to a doctorate degree in educational administration, there are many opportunities to enter the teaching field and advance your career. Here you will find more information about the teaching degrees and specializations that can help you achieve your goals.

Teaching Degree Levels

For many prospective educators, online teaching programs are a flexible and convenient alternative to on-campus study. Most programs allow students to access assignments, submit papers, and take exams remotely. Quality programs also offer direct access to advisers and other faculty members, while providing guidance as you complete your student-teaching requirements. Many institutions award online teaching degrees at multiple levels to accommodate students with different career plans. The pages below link to our guides for online associate, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees for teachers.

Online Teaching Degree Programs and Specializations

Aspiring educators can choose from a wide range of degrees and specializations for their online teaching program. In addition to standard elementary, middle, or high school instruction, specialized fields for teaching degree students include leadership and administration, curriculum design, counseling, and special education. This page lists potential areas of study for associate, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degree students. To learn more, visit the pages linked below.

Early Childhood Education

Visit this page to learn more about associate programs in early child education, which prepare teachers to work with students ranging from preschool to the third grade.

Educational Administration

Visit our guide to the master’s in educational administration to learn more about this graduate degree designed for advanced roles in school administration.

Educational Leadership

Click the link above for more information about the master’s in educational leadership degree, which is suitable for aspiring principals and other top-level school leaders.

Curriculum and Instruction

Curriculum and instruction is a specialized field for educators who develop, coordinate, and evaluate the lesson plans and academic content at different grade levels. Visit our guide to learn more.

Early Childhood Education

Browse our guide for the online master’s in early childhood education, which may be required for advanced teaching positions at the P-3 grade levels.

Special Education

This guide explores the master’s in special education, which is required for most teachers who instruct students with cognitive, physical, or behavioral disabilities.

Elementary Education

Visit our guide to the master’s in elementary education degree to learn more about this advanced credential for teachers at the K-6 levels.


This page covers the master’s degree in English as a Second Language, or ESL, which is designed for teachers that instruct students who primarily speak a foreign language at home.

School Counseling

A master’s degree is considered the minimum requirement for most licensed school counselors, who assist students with personal issues and pre-graduation career counseling. Visit this link for more information.

Educational Technology

Browse this guide to learn more about a master’s in educational technology, which prepares students to design, implement, and assess different learning software, hardware, and applications.

Reading and Literacy

The guide linked above explores the master’s in reading and literacy, which is a specialized degree for teachers who teach students to read and write.

Higher Education

Visit this page to learn more about a master’s in higher education degree, which is designed for professors, deans, and student administrators who work at colleges and universities.