Finding the Right Program

When teaching students consider what kind of instructors they hope to become, they often concern themselves with the different age groups found within school systems. Some teachers hope to work with younger children, some hope to teach adolescents, and others are more comfortable with adults. If you’re trying to come to a conclusion about what kind of teacher you hope to be, take some time to determine your strengths.

Are you patient with students who can get a little emotional or uncooperative because they are still learning how to compromise their childhood with their growing independence? Then maybe you should think about becoming a kindergarten or elementary school teacher. Are you good at communicating with students who are going through tough times and having trouble navigating the social atmosphere of school? Consider becoming a middle school or high school teacher. Or are you passionate about helping students with disabilities or impairments become successful and independent? Then a career as a special education teacher may be a better fit.

But teaching goes beyond preferred grade levels. While it is important to think about who you want to teach, it is even more important to come to an understanding of what you want to teach. Only once you have a good idea of your teaching goals can you choose the program that will meet your needs.

Keep in mind, however, that all the different types of teachers have commonalities. Regardless of the grade or subject an instructor teaches, he or she should be dedicated to creating an atmosphere where students can come and learn, and willing to help those with difficulties.

Once you have established your strengths, consider the areas upon which you need improvement, such as patience or organization. Don’t let those qualities become the sole factor in your decision, though; if you want to improve upon them, dedicate yourself to personal growth. Your education can help you with that, and in the end, you may find that you are suitable for several types of teaching.

Ultimately, picking out an area of teaching has less to do with age and desire, and more to do with the individual challenges each area of schooling will present to you as a teacher. Thankfully, there are many areas of teaching for all kinds of teachers, so regardless of your individual situation, you should be able to find your perfect type.