Teaching Degrees in Tennessee

The first step in earning a Tennessee teacher license is to complete the appropriate education requirements. The state of Tennessee offers a number of approved educational options, with numerous schools and teacher preparation programs in the state approved by the Tennessee Department of Education. These schools provide various fields of study in the area of education, allowing aspiring teachers to prepare to work with the grade level and subject they are most interested in. In addition to education, a Tennessee teaching license also requires completion of state-approved examinations, which are typically given at the end of the academic career.

The four largest schools in the state for Tennessee teacher preparation include the University of Tennessee, the University of Memphis, Middle Tennessee University, and East Tennessee State University. All of these public institutions have been approved by the state’s Department of Education.

University of Tennessee

The University of Tennessee boasts a student population of nearly 28,000 and a faculty and staff of around 10,000. Students can choose from approximately 300 degree programs, including many offered by the College of Education, Health, and Human Sciences. The College’s special education program has won multiple awards, and licensure programs are available for elementary, middle, and secondary teachers. Degrees in early childhood education as well as training for school counselors and psychologists are also available.

University of Memphis

The University of Memphis was founded in 1912 and currently has a student population of more than 22,000. The College of Education, Health, and Human Sciences is the founding program of the school. Today, the College enrolls more than 3,000 students in 57 degree programs, including those in elementary, middle, and secondary education. The college boasts a strong research base and is home to the Barbara K. Lipman Early Childhood School and Research Institute, where many students gain practical experience working with young children.

Middle Tennessee State University

Middle Tennessee State University was founded in 1911 as one of the original teaching schools in Tennessee. The school currently boasts a student population of more than 26,000 and a faculty team of more than 900. The College of Education offers a wide range of programs in Tennessee teacher education, including specialized studies in dyslexia, literacy studies, and special education. The school recently added a doctorate program in Assessment, Learning, and School Improvement. The college is committed to preparing teachers for the workforce, and offers postgraduate professional development in addition to initial teacher training.

Eastern Tennessee State University

Eastern Tennessee State University was founded in 1911 and has been helping aspiring teachers obtain Tennessee teacher certification for generations. At the Claudius G. Clemmer College of Education, students can pursue numerous degree programs in the field of education, including primary and secondary education, curriculum and instruction, and educational leadership. The school offers a combination of research and practical teaching opportunities to prepare students for work in the future.