Teaching Degrees in South Carolina

Teaching schools in South Carolina provide high quality education for students interested in teaching in the state’s many school districts, and the completion of an approved, accredited teacher preparation program is a necessary step for those interested in a South Carolina teaching license. Some of the largest colleges and universities in South Carolina provide teacher education programs that lead to South Carolina teacher certification, and prospective teachers have a wide variety of options for education. These schools offer specialized programs that provide insight on certain areas of education or help those who started in other professions to transition to teaching professionally.

High quality teacher education schools in South Carolina include Clemson University, Coastal Carolina University, the College of Charleston, and the University of South Carolina. These schools are some of the largest in the state and offer South Carolina teacher education programs with a wide variety of specialties. The academic and professional opportunities at these schools ensure that students who study there will be able to join the ranks of South Carolina’s teachers smoothly and efficiently. Read on to see what these schools have to offer for students seeking a South Carolina teacher license.

University of South Carolina

The University of South Carolina provides programs for students interested in traditional education degrees as well as degrees in physical education and educational leadership and policy. The College of Education at the university also works closely with many area organizations, including the Midlands Writing Project, South Carolina School Improvement Council and South Carolina Department of Education, ensuring that students gain the experience necessary to be leaders in educational fields while still working on their degrees. The school is selective, accepting no more than 70% of applicants, but provides high quality education for those interested in becoming teachers in South Carolina.

College of Charleston

The College of Charleston is almost 250 years old, and in that time has developed a strong tradition in many academic fields, including education. The school offers degree programs for prospective educators at several levels of schooling, as well as special education, health promotion, and physical education teaching degrees. The school also offers many resources for students, including scholarships and student and professional organizations. The school is fairly selective, admitting about 70% of applicants.

Coastal Carolina University

With several undergraduate and graduate degree programs in education, Coastal Carolina University provides solid teacher education for both prospective educators and those interested in continuing their education after beginning to teach in a classroom setting. The school also highlights its research opportunities, as well as briefs on current trends and other developments in education. The school accepts about 75% of applicants each year.

Clemson University

Clemson University provides several routes to licensure for students interested in becoming South Carolina teachers. The school offers several programs in science teaching, as well as an agricultural education degree, for students interested in teaching in specialized scientific areas. The school is also part of the Call Me MISTER initiative, which seeks to increase the number of diverse role models in classroom settings, especially in elementary schools in South Carolina. The school also offers field experience and study abroad opportunities for interested students.