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Depending on years of experience, a South Carolina certified teacher can make anywhere from $28,000 per year to more than $70,000 per year, according to data collected by the University of South Carolina. After becoming a teacher in South Carolina, it may take longer to see high pay than it may in other professions, but salaries for those with teaching certification in South Carolina who are many years into their professional experience can be fairly high. These high teaching salaries can help to pay off debt incurred as part of meeting teaching requirements in South Carolina, which include significant educational attainment. Other factors can also affect teacher salaries in South Carolina, such as the region and the subject taught. As a result, prospective educators should examine their situations carefully before deciding where to teach.

Part of choosing where to teach is examining how its teacher salaries compare to those elsewhere in the country. Students interested in teaching in South Carolina should examine this spreadsheet for this data.

Occupation Annual mean wage in South Carolina Annual mean wage in U.S.
Business Teachers, Postsecondary $78,360 $119,410
Physics Teachers Postsecondary $72,720 $90,570
Psychology Teachers Postsecondary $68,580 $76,060
Education Teachers Postsecondary $60,270 $65,630
English Language and Literature Teachers Postsecondary $58,660 $68,360
Preschool Teachers Except Special Education $26,860 $31,420
Kindergarten Teachers Except Special Education $48,720 $52,840
Elementary School Teachers Except Special Education $48,310 $56,320
Middle School Teachers Except Special and Career/Technical Education $49,010 $56,630
Secondary School Teachers Except Special and Career/Technical Education $50,440 $58,260
Special Education Teachers Kindergarten and Elementary School $50,980 $56,690
Special Education Teachers Middle School $50,970 $39,370
Special Education Teachers Secondary School $50,820 $39,370

Some regions pay teachers differently than others, and this spreadsheet illustrates how different areas of South Carolina stack up compared to one another.

Area name Annual mean wage
Charleston-North Charleston-Summerville, SC $47,800
Columbia, SC 49,150
Greenville-Mauldin-Easley, SC $48,040

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