Teaching Degrees in Rhode Island

Due to the size of Rhode Island, those interested in Rhode Island teacher education have fewer options than students in other states for in-state education. There are two major public teaching schools in Rhode Island for those interested in receiving a top quality education from a nonprofit institution. These schools provide programs for students interested in a Rhode Island teacher license, as well as students who have completed other work experience and are interested in transferring to teaching professions. Those who want to receive Rhode Island teacher certification may also choose to complete an approved teaching degree program in another state if those options in Rhode Island do not hold any appeal. This ensures that despite the low number of academic institutions in Rhode Island, prospective educators have many options available for education for a Rhode Island teaching license.

Rhode Island College

Rhode Island College is one of two institutions in Rhode Island which provide degree programs for students interested in working in education occupations. The school offers subject-driven education for those interested in teaching at the secondary level, as well as programs in health education, physical education, and art education. Students interested in elementary education degrees will also find programs available at Rhode Island College. For students who have already completed a bachelor’s degree but wish to change professions, the school also offers a second bachelor’s degree program in elementary education which takes fewer credits to complete and is designed to meet the specific educational needs of a prospective teacher.

University of Rhode Island

The University of Rhode Island offers several benefits for students interested in receiving a degree in education. First-year students are put in study groups with other education majors, ensuring that prospective educators can learn from one another. The university also maintains positive relationships with school districts, as well as accreditation and state approval, ensuring that those who graduate from a University of Rhode Island degree program can find jobs in the field of education. Students at Rhode Island University also have an easier time completing double majors due to the structure of the education degree program, ensuring higher marketability in the education workforce.