How to Become a Teacher in Nebraska

Close to 300,000 children are in Nebraska’s public school system, and according to the Nebraska Department of Education, almost half of them fall below the poverty line. The state employs 24,634 teachers in 251 public school districts to meet the needs of the diverse student population. Individuals interested in joining the ranks of qualified educators must meet the requirements for Nebraska teacher certification. Read on to learn about becoming a teacher in Nebraska.

Education Requirements

The Nebraska Department of Education is responsible for teacher licensure and certification in the state. Prospective teachers in Nebraska should apply for licensure through the Department of Education’s interactive, online portal. To become a teacher in Nebraska, one must possess a bachelor’s degree. Though no specific coursework is required, Nebraska’s educators must have completed an approved teacher education program, which involves student teaching. Nebraskans must also complete human relations and special education training, which can be done through approved fieldwork or coursework.

Nebraska Teaching Certification

Teachers in Nebraska have successfully completed the following prior to licensure: a bachelor’s degree, the Praxis Series I – Pre-Professional Skills Test (PPST), approved human relations training, approved special education training, and an accredited teacher education (student teaching) program. In order to become a teacher in Nebraska, one must apply for licensure within five years of completing either the educational or employment experience. Prospective Nebraska teachers can learn more about certification and apply for consideration through an online portal, part of the Nebraska Department of Education. The manual for applicants can be found here. Nebraska does issue temporary and provisional certificates.

Required Tests

Nebraska teacher licensure requires successful completion of the Praxis I Pre-Professional Skills Test (PPST).

State Certification Reciprocity

All applicants for teacher certification in Nebraska must meet the state’s requirements, including testing and special education training. Temporary and provisional certificates can be issued on a case by case basis, and reciprocity methods typically work this way, as well. Provisional licensure could be an option for those waiting on approval or further training or testing to become fully licensed in Nebraska.

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