How to Become a Teacher in Montana

An individual who is interested in pursuing a teaching career in the public schools of Montana will first need to become a Montana certified teacher through one of the methods prescribed by the Montana Office of Public Instruction. The typical route to becoming a teacher in Montana involves a bachelor’s degree in education and state-approved examinations, the combination of which lead to a Montana teaching license. However, other routes to certification in the state are available for experienced professionals who would like to make a career change into education, or for licensed teachers coming into Montana from another state.

Education Requirements

The Montana Office of Public Instruction governs teacher licensure in Montana. Generally, prospective teachers in Montana must complete a bachelor’s degree; an accredited, approved, professional educator program; and complete a supervised teaching experience. This can be done through the professional educator program, or by other approved means. Most licenses are valid for five years.

Montana Teaching Certification

Certified teachers in Montana have completed a bachelor’s degree, typically in their field and grade level of prospective employment. Educators seeking teacher certification in Montana are required to complete an accredited, approved professional educator course, as well as have a significant amount of approved, supervised teaching experience. The teacher preparation program must be university-based, and is often part of a Montana education major’s coursework. The most common application for teacher licensure is the standard form, which can be found by clicking here.

Required Tests

Montana does not require testing to become a teacher in the state.

State Certification Reciprocity

All applicants for teaching licensure in Montana must meet the state’s requirements for a teaching certificate. Montana abides by the federally recognized definition of a “highly qualified teacher,” and may deny licensure to those not meeting Montana’s minimum requirements. Emergency authorization is granted on a case by case basis. Additionally, Montana does not offer specific middle school licensure for prospective teachers. Those who have obtained certification to teach middle school in other states will be offered the most appropriate licensure available.

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