Teaching Degrees in Mississippi

Mississippi’s colleges and universities have education programs that are in full compliance with National Review of Teacher Preparation Programs. Most of these programs focus on elementary education with superior endorsements for multiple subjects in the classroom. Getting into many of these academic institutions is a bit challenging, but, with the right amount of research, prospective educators in search of a Mississippi teacher license will find valuable resources at every university and college to help them make a decision. Four teacher education schools in Mississippi include:

Alcorn State University

The School of Education and Psychology at Alcorn University offers a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education promising to adequately prepare students for a Mississippi teaching license. The program emphasizes social and cognitive psychology, as represented by the program’s special education courses. Upon completion of fieldwork in the classroom and collegiate course work, undergraduates sit for a culminating exam for the award of a teaching certificate. One unique feature of Alcorn State University is the population of female students, which is at 66.2%.

Belhaven University

Belhaven University is a Presbyterian college started in 1883 and, as reported by U.S. News & World Report, this private academic institution thrives with small class sizes, as well as financial aid packages that meet the majority of needs of enrolled students. Of note is the School of Education’s bachelor’s degree in elementary education for K-6, with the possibility of adding more endorsements to a teaching certificate. Testimonials from successful students in Mississippi teacher education programs, and a glimpse of the program’s course work, show the level of committment and rich pedagogical knowledge delivered. As laid out by the institutional standards, future educators will be best prepared by additional endorsements to any certificate, as early childhood, remedial reading, computer applications, and mild/moderate education (K-8) will deepen their abilities in the classroom.

Blue Mountain College

Ranked #20 by U.S News & World Report among Regional Colleges in the South, Blue Mountain College has selective admissions, 62.3% of classrooms with 20 students or less, and nearly 50% of students enrolling in education programs. This places Blue Mountain among the top teaching schools in Mississippi. A look at the majors offered by the Department of Education shows both undergraduate degrees in elementary and secondary education, with certificates in every endorsable area of direct instruction. The program’s goals confirm the importance of professional hours in the classroom, which mightily contribute to the success of any student teacher. Testimonials from past graduates and current teachers only confirm the credentials of this first-rate teacher college.

Delta State University

Delta State University is a big school with a significant College of Education for undergraduates and graduates. Along with the Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education, this college offers a comprehensive prepartion program for future physical education teachers with a Bachelor of Science in Physical Education (K-12 Certification). While career resources puts Mississippi teacher certification candidates on the right track for future employment, the Centers and Programs page also displays all the extra qualities this college has to offer. With a 12:1 student-to-faculty ratio, U.S. News & World Report points out how undergraduates continue to enter Delta State University’s teacher preparation program, making education one of the most popular majors on campus.