Teaching Degrees in Michigan

To become a highly qualified teacher in Michigan as well as obtain a Michigan teaching license, those interested in teaching must complete a valid educator preparation program. These are most often bachelor’s degrees in education from teaching schools in Michigan, though higher degrees or degrees from other states are acceptable as well. For those interested in a Michigan teacher license, these colleges often have departments that deal with licensure applications and other student questions regarding the process of becoming a Michigan certified teacher. These programs also help to prepare students for qualification examinations in subject areas in which they intend to teach.

Some of the largest public universities have Michigan teacher education degree programs. These universities provide scholarships and research aid for students interested in education professions. This group of prestigious universities includes the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor as well as several state universities. Students interested in Michigan teacher certification programs should consider these schools as top choices for completing the education these programs require.

Michigan State University

One of the most populous universities in Michigan, Michigan State University accepts 70% of applicants and provides a top quality set of education programs for a variety of teaching interests. The university has some of the top-ranked graduate programs in education in the country according to U.S. News & World Report. The school offers online master’s degrees in education, for students interested in advancing their professional teaching careers but who lack the time to return to school full-time. The school also offers non-traditional certification options for students who pursue mathematics or science teaching.

Central Michigan University

Central Michigan University accepts about 70% of applicants, and 16% of those accepted pursue education degrees at the university, ensuring a strong academic life for education students. The school offers programs which lead to conventional teaching degrees as well as educational leadership degrees which lead to administrative positions in education settings. As the second teaching college established in the state of Michigan, the school’s history of teaching certification success is very long, and its programs have approval from the state of Michigan.

Grand Valley State University

Though it approves 80% of applicants, making it less selective than the other universities on this list, Grand Valley State University still provides high quality teacher education programs. For students interested in service learning opportunities, the university provides opportunities to complete their field experience requirements in service learning settings. All programs at the university require students to take a series of foundational courses in education before moving on to any specializations in which they may be interested, providing context for later, field-specific knowledge.

University of Michigan

The University of Michigan at Ann Arbor is more selective than the other universities on this list, accepting only 50% of applicants, but provides exceptional teacher education. Students interested in specialized teaching in fields such as music education or physical education can receive teaching certification for all grade levels at the university. Undergraduate education programs at the University of Michigan do not accept students until their third year of study, though students may wish to take specific course sequences prior to acceptance in order to speed their progress through the education degree program once accepted.