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A teaching certification in Maryland is typically more financially rewarding than earning a teacher certification through another state. A March 2012 piece by The Washington Post reported that the average salary for a Maryland certified teacher was $63,634 per year. Maryland newspaper The Star Democrat reported that 2012 was the second straight year in which average teacher salaries dropped, by $326 per year between 2012 and 2011.

Maryland’s State Department of Education publishes salary schedules for the 24 county public school systems within the state. Fulfilling the basic teaching requirements in Maryland for a bachelor’s degree will earn a first-year teacher anywhere from $40,400 per year up to $46,561 per year.

Students interested in becoming a teacher in Maryland should research official wage statistics in addition to consulting the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data below. More often than not, average salaries in Maryland are greater than U.S. averages for the same position.

Occupation Annual mean wage in Maryland Annual mean wage in U.S.
Business Teachers, Postsecondary $83,540 $119,410
Physics Teachers Postsecondary $112,910 $90,570
Psychology Teachers Postsecondary $76,150 $76,060
Education Teachers Postsecondary $64,080 $65,630
English Language and Literature Teachers Postsecondary $66,770 $68,360
Preschool Teachers Except Special Education $32,110 $31,420
Kindergarten Teachers Except Special Education $48,900 $52,840
Elementary School Teachers Except Special Education $62,920 $56,320
Middle School Teachers Except Special and Career/Technical Education $65,460 $56,630
Secondary School Teachers Except Special and Career/Technical Education $63,360 $58,260
Special Education Teachers Kindergarten and Elementary School $60,690 $56,690
Special Education Teachers Middle School $74,610 $39,370
Special Education Teachers Secondary School $63,000 $39,370

In Maryland, higher teacher wages are often seen outside of the largest metropolitan areas. Teachers in Baltimore County, which includes the capital city, earn less on average than teachers in the smaller counties of Montgomery, Howard, Frederick, Anne Arundel, and Prince George. The following salary data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics is current as of May 2011.

City Annual mean wage
Baltimore-Towson, MD $57,440
Bethesda-Rockville-Frederick MD Metropolitan Division $57,830
Salisbury, MD $47,700

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