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Since 2007, the minimum salary for a Maine certified teacher has been $30,000 per year. Even so, individuals interested in becoming a teacher in Maine should be aware that salary schedules differ among school districts, and that many teachers earn significantly more than this bare minimum. The Maine Education Association makes salary schedules available online for different UniServe Districts, geographical groupings of Maine districts used by the MEA.

The average salary of an experienced professional with teaching certification in Maine is $44,731 as of 2012, according to the National Education Association. During the same year, first-year teachers earned an average of $30,732. Completing the teacher requirements in Maine for a master’s-level degree adds anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000 to a teacher’s annual salary.

Early-career salaries have been improving, but Maine still lags behind most other states in the U.S. for teacher pay. The following graph, compiled from data released by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, shows that only preschool teachers make above the national average.

Occupation Annual mean wage in Maine Annual mean wage in U.S.
Business Teachers, Postsecondary $86,140 $119,410
Physics Teachers Postsecondary $75,170 $90,570
Psychology Teachers Postsecondary $59,050 $76,060
Education Teachers Postsecondary $64,080 $65,630
English Language and Literature Teachers Postsecondary $59,390 $68,360
Preschool Teachers Except Special Education $28,640 $31,420
Kindergarten Teachers Except Special Education $46,570 $52,840
Elementary School Teachers Except Special Education $48,480 $56,320
Middle School Teachers Except Special and Career/Technical Education $49,940 $56,630
Secondary School Teachers Except Special and Career/Technical Education $48,440 $58,260
Special Education Teachers Kindergarten and Elementary School $48,120 $56,690
Special Education Teachers Middle School $48,230 $39,370
Special Education Teachers Secondary School $48,480 $39,370

Teachers in Maine’s largest commercial center, Bangor, earn salaries that are slightly better than the state average. Teachers from the cities of Lewiston and Portland are not far off pace. This salary chart is current as of May 2011.

City Annual mean wage
Bangor, ME $49,880
Lewiston-Auburn ME $42,130
Portland-South Portland-Biddeford ME $47,550

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