Teaching Degrees in Idaho

According to the Idaho State Department of Education, the first step in acquiring an Idaho teaching license is to earn a degree in education or a related field of study from an accredited institution. Fortunately, prospective teachers interested in working in Idaho will find a number of opportunities within the state. Idaho offers many colleges and universities that provide education programs for those who are interested in Idaho teacher certification. In addition to the degree, interested applicants will need to submit to a background check and take necessary examinations for state certification.

The first step to earning an Idaho teacher license is to choose one of the teaching schools in Idaho to pursue a degree in education or enroll in a teaching program. Four of the largest schools in the state include Boise State University, Brigham Young University Idaho, College of Idaho, and Idaho State University.

Boise State University

The School of Education at Boise State University is home to around 2,300 students each year, according to the school’s statistics. More than half of those students are enrolled in undergraduate programs, many in pursuit of an Idaho teaching license. The rest are working toward graduate degrees in the education field. In addition to teacher education degrees, the school also offers course work in specialized areas like bilingual education, literacy, education technology, and special education. The teacher education program prepares students to work in grades P-12, with a multitude of practical application opportunities through work in Idaho classrooms.

Brigham Young University, Idaho

Brigham Young University Idaho has an annual enrollment of around 15,000, according to the university’s website. A portion of these students enroll in the Teacher Education program at BYU each year, where they can work toward teacher certification while getting an Idaho teacher education that prepares them to work in public schools throughout the state. The department also offers students assistance when registering for the state examinations required as part of the certification process. The student-to-faculty ratio for this school is an attractive 21:1 and the acceptance rate is currently around 97%.

College of Idaho

The College of Idaho’s Department of Education prepares students to work in grades K-12 in public schools throughout the state. Professors at the school have a passion for teaching, which they often pass on directly to their students. Students who want to teach after earning their degree from College of Idaho will be required to to complete a fifth-year internship, with the option of continuing on to earn a master’s degree in education. Students integrate classroom study with fieldwork for a complete training program. College of Idaho is the oldest private college in the state, bringing a wealth of experience to the table for students interested in succeeding in their professional ambitions.

Idaho State University

Idaho State University is another option for students who wish to pursue an Idaho teaching license. This school offers comprehensive teaching degree programs, with an emphasis on STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) education and technology within the classroom. According to the College of Education, approximately 130 teacher candidates have been recommended for certification since September 2010. Nearly all of these candidates sought certification solely in Idaho, although a few also obtained certification for other states across the country.