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Teaching careers can be extremely rewarding as you have the opportunity to touch someone’s life in a positive way.  Since there are various positions from preschool teachers to university professors and different teaching environments from large public schools to small private schools, there is surely a place where you could excel as a teacher.

Teachers’ duties vary greatly according to job title, but generally they provide instruction; prepare and deliver lessons, lectures, presentations, and exams; evaluate and grade students’ performances; and maintain order and discipline in the classroom. Some teachers may also advise students and publish writings in books or journals.

The demand for teachers is constant, particularly as baby boomers reach the age of retirement. Teaching may also offer great opportunities for advancement throughout your career, and online education is an excellent way to continue learning and moving up the career ladder.

As with any major decision, before you commit to pursing a teaching degree, be sure you know what you’re getting into.

The following information will help get you acquainted with what different teachers do and earn as well as their corresponding job qualifications and employment outlook. You’ll also find informative articles on whether you should teach, finding the right online teaching degree program for you, pursuing teaching as a second career, and how you could advance your career with a teaching degree.

You can also use our site to find out how to become a teacher in your state, as well as state-by-state information on teaching certificate requirements, salaries and schools.


Advancing Your Career With an Online Teaching Degree

Perhaps you’re already in the education field and you would like to further your career ? Online degrees are a great way to get ahead while still working in your current position. With each passing year, online degrees are gaining more respect, making the act of building up your resume from the comfort of your home computer even more attractive. How can an online degree advance your career in education? Here are three ways:

1. A chance for a higher salary. Those who hold higher levels of education may have a higher salary in their careers. Add a master’s degree to the mix and the difference could go up to six figures. While it is not guaranteed that earning a degree will lead to a higher-paying job in teaching, it may increase your chances.

2. Leadership Knowledge and Advancement.?Online courses that stress leadership, management, communication, and critical thinking may help you become a more valuable employee and possibly increase your chances for new career opportunities. In front of the classroom, you may use your new skills to take initiative in leading new groups or programs, and show school administrators that you’re interested in bettering yourself and well as your students who may be inspired by your hard work as well.

3. Increased Responsibility. One way you may show your supervisors that you take your career seriously is to enroll in online teaching or education courses. This may help you better your understanding of the education field, as well as show your supervisors that you have the capability to manage your normal workload in addition to your course work. This may prove to them that you’re ready for more responsibility.

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