How to Become a Teacher in Delaware

During the 2011-2012 school year, the state of Delaware had 130,610 students in the grades K-12 and 8,594 teachers. These teachers taught with a qualification ranking that never went under an average of 90%. That was accomplished by the ability of the state to recruit candidates as teachers, immerse them in teacher preparatory programs, and place the best Delaware certified teacher into a school district. The success rate begins with each teacher having at least a bachelor’s degree.

Education Requirements

Obtaining a college degree should be paramount for any future teacher. Subject matter competence is how Delaware puts highly qualified teachers in the classroom. Many colleges and universities have teacher preparation programs. There are also alternative non-scholastic programs to choose from. The hopeful teacher will undoubtedly wonder which of these teaching programs they should apply to, knowing there are even online teaching schools in Delaware to choose from. No matter the program they choose, they must demonstrate academic knowedge, for at some point they will need to pass assessment exams called the Praxis I and II to prove they can teach.

Wherever they decide to go, future teachers will complete course work in pedagogy, obtain a number of classroom hours/weeks, and work with a master teacher. At the end of the teacher program, they will enroll in the Delaware Educator Data Center, submit their current academic transcripts (if they were in a collegiate certification program), and proof of successful professional experience in the classroom. After a period of review, they should be issued an initial license to teach in public schools.

Delaware Teaching Certification

Candidates wishing to teach in Delaware must apply for and be granted initial licensure and then standard certification. The license allows an individual to teach in Delaware while the certificate identifies which subject(s) he or she may teach.

Applicants for initial licensure must verify completion of a student teaching program or one year of teaching experience.

For a standard certificate an applicant must hold a valid Delaware initial, continuing, or advanced license and meet the requirements of state regulations for certification.

Required Tests

Applicants for initial licensure must pass the Praxis I math, reading, and writing exams.

State Certification Reciprocity

Out-of-state candidates who hold a full and current license or certificate in another U.S. state will receive a comparable Delaware license and certificate. Complete information about Delaware’s reciprocal policies is on the Delaware Department of Education website.

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