How to Become a Teacher in Connecticut

Connecticut is a state with a diverse population of 563,796 students, taught by 36,964 teachers. The state has an excellent track record for filling open positions with a Connecticut certified teacher by the beginning of the school year, but recent data shows that a dearth of applicants with the appropriate credentials has affected hiring professionals for all open positions. With many of Connecticut’s accredited college and university teacher education programs, there are many avenues to becoming a teacher in Connecticut.

Education Requirements

Candidates looking to enter the state’s workforce with a Connecticut teaching license should read the Bureau of Educator Standards and Certification program, which lays out the path to enter a Connecticut teaching license program. All candidates must have at least a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution. They will have to successfully demonstrate proficiency in the subject they wish to teach by passing the Praxis I and II tests before they can enter a certification program.

Connecticut’s approved educator preparation programs are available at colleges, universities, and other institutions. No matter where someone obtains their teaching experience in a program, the same standards apply. Even the alternative programs (i.e. Teach for America) or online teaching schools in Connecticut have these same requirements.

Connecticut Teaching Certification

Connecticut has three different levels of certification for teaching within the state: the Initial Educator Certificate, Provisional Educator Certificate, and Professional Educator Certificate.

Required Tests

Candidates for teacher certification in Connecticut must pass the Praxis I Pre-Professional Skills Tests and the Praxis II Subject-Knowledge Tests if the subject-knowledge tests are applicable to the endorsement requested. Candidates applying for eligibility based on teaching experience must successfully complete all general academic and professional education required coursework for the endorsement areas sought.

Candidates seeking an endorsement in elementary education (grades 1-3) or integrated early childhood/special education pre-K through Kindergarten must pass the Connecticut Foundations of Reading Test.

More information on testing is available at the Connecticut State Department of Education’s “How to Become a Certified Teacher in Connecticut” Web Site.

State Certification Reciprocity

Out-of-state candidates applying for teaching certification in Connecticut must have completed a state-approved educator preparation program at a regionally accredited college or university from another U.S. state or have a minimum of 30 months of full-time experience under the other state’s valid educator certificate.

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