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One of the leading deterrents for college students hoping to attain teaching certification in California is the prospect of what kind of salary they can expect after fulfilling the teaching requirements in California and beginning their new career. The average salary of a teacher in California is determined by many different factors. Therefore, it is best to view the state averages for the entry-level, mid-point, and salary offerings. An entry-level teacher’s salary starts at an average of $39,972, while the midpoint is $59,193. Finally, the average for experienced teachers is $78,413. However, remember that these amounts are the statewide averages for a California certified teacher, and many districts can be found providing much larger annual salaries.

Those interested in becoming a teacher in California should refer to the following list provided by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The table shows the average salaries of teachers for various post-secondary teaching positions within California as well as numerous K-12 teaching salaries, compared against the annual mean wage of the U.S.

Occupation Annual mean wage in California Annual mean wage in U.S.
Business Teachers, Postsecondary $92,300 $89,100
Physics Teachers Postsecondary N/A $90,570
Psychology Teachers Postsecondary $80,560 $76,060
Education Teachers Postsecondary $68,620 $65,630
English Language and Literature Teachers Postsecondary $82,290 $68,360
Preschool Teachers Except Special Education $34,240 $31,420
Kindergarten Teachers Except Special Education $63,940 $52,840
Elementary School Teachers Except Special Education $69,320 $56,320
Middle School Teachers Except Special and Career/Technical Education $67,390 $56,630
Secondary School Teachers Except Special and Career/Technical Education $69,260 $58,260
Special Education Teachers Kindergarten and Elementary School $67,650 $56,690
Special Education Teachers Middle School $63,610 $59,540
Special Education Teachers Secondary School $67,480 $60,410

An additional determining factor of salary is the region, county, and district in which you seek employment. The following table shows the differences between three of California’s largest urban centers.

City Annual mean wage
Los Angeles-Long Beach-Glendale, CA $58,190
San Diego-Carlsbad-San Marcos CA $55,180
San Francisco-San Mateo-Redwood City CA $58,770

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