Ask a Teacher is an ongoing series that engages the broader teaching community and offers advice to new students. Click through our features to see how actual teachers in the field prepared for their current career and found teaching jobs, as well as how they run their classrooms and impact their communities. There’s no better way to learn what teaching is all about than to ask a teacher!

  • Diane Anttila

    Diane Anttila shares how her undergraduate degree in psychology/elementary education has evolved to allow her to now teach adults online.

  • Jen Kilpatrick

    Jen Kilpatrick began her career teaching students with low- and high-incidence disabilities at the K-12 level before focusing on deaf education.

  • Mary Goggins Selke

    A full-time faculty member and professor at Northcentral University, Mary Groggins Selke offers insight to first-year teachers.

  • Sarah Lathrop

    A professor at Penn Foster College (and former preschool and sub teacher), Sarah Lathrop offers insight to new early childhood educators.

The Teacher’s Reach

  • Teaching as a Second Career

    A high-powered, lucrative career is what everyone strives for, right? Well, not always. While many professionals revel in being at the top of their game, others want to take a step back, switch gears, and find work that's fulfilling in a different, sometimes deeper way. For some, this career shift means a move into teaching, […]

  • ESL for Students and Teachers

    For both teachers and students, ESL education is the most vital resource available to develop the skills required to master the English language.

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