Teaching Degrees in Arkansas

Some of the largest and most prestigious schools in Arkansas provide top quality teacher education for students interested in receiving an Arkansas teacher license. Many Arkansas teacher education programs have both regional and specialized education accreditation which proves to the state as well as prospective employers that graduates have met the requirements for effective learning in the field of education. Different schools offer different education degree programs, so that students who are interested in particular educational fields, such as early childhood education or science education, can acquire an Arkansas teaching license in a manner that suits their interests and academic strengths.

The four universities with the largest enrolled student populations in Arkansas include Arkansas Tech University, Arkansas State University at Jonesboro, the University of Central Arkansas, and the University of Arkansas. All of these provide top quality teacher education programs for students interested in studying the theory and practice behind good teaching and educational leadership. Below are some profiles of each of these schools, including distinctive qualities of both the school itself and its educational programs.

Arkansas Tech University

Arkansas Tech University provides bachelor’s and master’s degree programs for students who are interested in pursuing educational careers. The assets of the College of Education include a computer lab with 25 computers, a certification officer, and internship assistance. More than 90% of applicants to the school are accepted, and the school’s early childhood education program is one of the five most popular programs at the school. If a student is interested in teaching schools in Arkansas, Arkansas Tech University is a comparatively safe school to which such a student can apply.

Arkansas State University at Jonesboro

Arkansas State University at Jonesboro offers programs in counseling, teacher education, educational leadership, and health sciences for students interested in pursuing careers in teaching. For students interested in taking their educational aspirations further, the school also offers a doctoral program in education. While it is more selective than some other Arkansas schools with education degree programs, with only a 70% acceptance rate, it provides high quality teacher education for students interested in teaching in Arkansas.

University of Arkansas

The College of Education and Health Professions at the University of Arkansas provides programs for students interested in elementary or early childhood education. It also offers programs in career and technical education, such as business education and technology education, for students interested in focusing on those subjects rather than traditional school subjects such as science and mathematics. The school only accepts about 60% of applicants, however, making it more selective than other educator preparation schools in Arkansas.

University of Central Arkansas

The University of Central Arkansas provides teacher education at the early childhood, middle, and secondary levels as undergraduate degrees, all of which are designed to terminate in teacher licensure. The school also offers several scholarships, primarily targeted at the undergraduate preschool through grade 4 degree program. More than 90% of applicants are admitted to the school, making it another good safety school for students interested in attending teaching school and receiving Arkansas teacher certification.