Teaching Degrees in Arizona

Becoming a teacher in Arizona requires prospective teachers to complete a four-year degree at an accredited institution. Some of the top universities in Arizona provide teaching degree programs as well as Arizona teacher preparation programs that can help students acquire an Arizona teaching license. These programs also help to prepare students for the necessary educational proficiency exams required for teaching in Arizona, as well as chances to participate in student teaching programs prior to graduation. These colleges and universities offer distinctive programs that provide different forms of support for future teachers interested in an Arizona teacher license.

The four most prominent teaching schools in Arizona are the University of Arizona, Northern Arizona University, Grand Canyon University, and Arizona State University. Each of these provides robust teaching degree programs that can help students gain the skills and experience necessary to succeed as an Arizona teacher. The paragraphs below describe the options available for students who wish to begin a course of study in Arizona teacher education.

University of Arizona

The College of Education at the University of Arizona provides several programs to fulfill teaching requirements in Arizona. Potential courses of study for students at this university include guidance counseling, high school education, educational policy, and early childhood education. The university is one of the largest in the state, with more than 30,000 undergraduate students. This is despite the fact that the university is fairly selective, with an acceptance rate of about 75%. For students interested in teaching children with disabilities, the University of Arizona also offers a program focusing on teaching deaf or blind students.

Northern Arizona University

Northern Arizona University has a College of Education with more than 3,900 enrolled students and more than 100 current faculty members. The program has a strong commitment to social justice and diversity, with projects regarding multi-age education, Native American outreach, and social equality understanding programs. Education is the second most common major at the college, with more than 15% of students choosing education degree programs. The school is also somewhat selective, with an acceptance rate of about 65%.

Grand Canyon University

Grand Canyon University provides a strong education department as well, with a variety of undergraduate concentrations as well as graduate programs available. Future teachers who are interested in teaching English as a second language will be particularly interested in Grand Canyon University, as it offers programs focusing on this type of teaching. The school also has a certification center for students seeking to acquire Arizona teacher certification, as well as facilities for continuing teacher education once students have gained experience in teaching.

Arizona State University

Arizona State University offers education programs at multiple campuses, each of which caters to the needs of students interested in a variety of programs. Students who want to work in physical education can receive a bachelor’s degree in this field. The College of Education at Arizona State University also offers a variety of merit- and need-based scholarships that can help students pursue degrees in education. The university also has a higher acceptance rate than the other universities on this list, with about 86% of applicants gaining acceptance.