The Best Places On Campus to Study

It’s hard enough to pick your major — and now you have to decide where to study? Studying might be one of your least favorite parts of college life, but it’s the entire reason you’re there. And on-campus life is a big adjustment, especially if you’re living in the dorms. Here’s some good news: It’s possible to get your work done on-campus, and to find the perfect place to do so. For those new to school and looking for a study spot, look no further. We’ve got the best places on campus to study.

  1. Library

    It’s the classic study spot for a reason. Quiet, full of books, and a generally serious environment, a university library will have many silent nooks and crannies for your hardcore study needs. If you’ve got to hit the books for several hours, the library will be a warm, well-lit place to do so. And if it’s during finals time, it might be open day and night.

  2. Dorm Room

    Beds and couches are prime study spots in college, especially those of the on-campus dormitories. Living in a tiny room can be hard on the nerves, but there are some ways to create a tiny study haven in the collegiate chaos. Calming colors, classical music, and mutually agreed upon "quiet times" are common features of the productive study dorm room. Lack of space and privacy doesn’t have to mean you have no place to buckle down and learn.

  3. Coffee Shop

    There’s bound to be a caffeination station on campus, and college kids will often take advantage of these study hot spots. Many times, live music, poetry readings, or open mic nights can add some background noise to your study session — not to mention running into classmates, professors, and friends. If you’re the eternally social type, the campus coffee shop might be the perfect spot for you to schedule in some studying while you live your life.

  4. Study Carrel

    There is no better place to study than your own, dedicated study carrel. Graduate students will often get their first pick of these rentable privacy desks, often located in libraries and quiet buildings throughout campus. If you’re doing some serious academic work, it calls for a serious study carrel. Don’t be afraid to ask professors or librarians about the procedure for securing one at your favorite study times.

  5. Student Union Building

    If you’re feeling anti-social, post up at a table in the middle of your student union building. Also often equipped with couches, these buildings are meant for both study and social time. Meeting up with classmates for study sessions is easy here, and you’ll probably have food and activities at your disposal. If you like to be in the thick of things, studying in the student union building could be right for you.

  6. Computer Lounge

    Your college almost certainly has a place for you to use computers en masse, and it’s a great place to study. E-textbooks are increasingly standard, and studying on a screen is simply a part of college life. Find the basement where they’re hiding the free machines, and take advantage of Internet connectivity, ear buds, and quiet study time.

  7. On The Quad

    If it’s a gorgeous day outside, go get some air with the cool kids. Everyone likes studying outside, and sometimes a little sunshine can bring a new perspective to an old subject. While you might become distracted by the hustle and bustle, there’s nothing wrong with doing some of your softcore work outside. It’s a great way to meet people while you review for a test!

  8. In A Professor’s Office

    Departments often have their own small study areas near where classes can be held. If you’re visiting a professor for office hours, take advantage of their time by studying close by. They’ll be available for questions, but you can be out of their way. If your professor isn’t expecting other students or is a trusted mentor, you might be able to study in her office.

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