The 10 Education Blogs Every Teacher Should Be Reading

These days, the need for world-class teachers and educators is stronger than ever before. As of 2012, the percentage of students that go on to complete higher education in the United States is still substantially lower than that of several other developed countries around the world. These statistics show that now, more than ever, current and prospective teachers have an exciting opportunity to greatly improve the state of education in the United States. Below are some resources we’ve handpicked to help you learn more about educating students for success in the 21st Century.

The 10 Blogs Every Teacher Should Be Reading

  1. Living in Dialogue: This blog was started by Anthony Cody, a 24 year veteran science teacher for middle and high school students in Oakland, CA. Oakland is known for having some of the more troubling statistics when it comes to student achievement, and Cody is an excellent resource for teachers who might be apprehensive about the future of education in urban areas and elsewhere. Moreover, his many ideas on education reform should help teachers stay up-to-date on the various changes being proposed to the ways students are educated here in the United States.
  2. Benchmark Education: As one of the most important aspects of a proper primary and secondary education, keeping up-to-date on literacy in the United States is a key practice for all current and prospective educators. This blog is an excellent resource for finding out about new methods and materials that can be used to ensure your students master the art of reading in a fun and effective way. Additionally, our friends at Benchmark Education have been leading the way in education publishing by helping teachers and schools to transition away from the era of print and into the digital age.
  3. So You Want To Teach: An excellent resource for anybody looking to begin or continue their career in education, So You Want To Teach shares stories and methodology from successful teachers throughout the country. From articles like “50 Things Every First Year Educator Should Know,” to “What To Do When You Hate Teaching” chances are you will find something useful and fascinating to read on this site.
  4. Learn Me Good: Reading extensively about the state of education in the United States can be a serious (and somewhat depressing endeavor), so it is great that blogs like this one exist to help teachers crack a smile while they keep themselves informed. Created by 3rd Grade math teacher and design engineer, John Pearson, Learn Me Good hosts several great articles on making teaching fun against all odds. Since its inception in 2006, Pearson’s blog has earned no less than four awards and nominations for it’s educational content, and that’s reason enough for all teachers to give his blog a look.
  5. iLearn Technology: As technology continues to advance and older methods of classroom instruction become obsolete, understanding how you can optimally incorporate technology in the classroom is a key driver for student success in the 21st century. Created by Kelly Tenkely, a K-5 teacher and technology specialist, iLearn Technology offers several excellent ideas for optimally using technology in the classroom as an educational tool. Not only does the blog list some of the best websites to help students grasp complex topics in a fun and interactive way, but it also includes several in-depth sets of instructions for projects and assignments students can complete using technology.
  6. Number Warrior: There are certainly no shortage of blogs for math educators on the web, but finding one that you will love reading on a daily basis might be a tad more difficult to locate. Started by John Dyer, a veteran of teaching honors math to high school students in Southern Arizona, Number Warrior offers an incredible number of quality articles, videos and links on how to teach math to students in fun and exciting ways. The site also hosts numerous games and puzzles that teachers can incorporate into their lesson plans.
  7. Foreign Language Education in the 21st Century: As the world becomes more and more interconnected through advances in travel and communication technologies, knowing how to effectively teach students foreign languages is of prime importance. Jurgen Kurtz, a scientist and proponent of foreign language acquisition in the classroom, created this site to help educators find excellent ideas to help augment their own foreign/secondary language instruction routine. In addition, the blog hosts a number of articles and resources that focus on specific educational policy and methodology standards in the world of foreign language instruction.
  8. Education Nation: For a more journalistic view of the state of education in America, this blog hosted by NBC News offers several fascinating resources and articles on general topics and concerns regarding education in our country. While this site may not offer in-depth information on teacher-specific educational topics, it does provide a big picture view of the various successes (and hiccups) occurring at schools throughout the country. It is definitely interesting reading, and provides a great, easy-to-read rundown of important topics facing education in the U.S. today.
  9. The Teaching Palette: These days, as educators learn to make do with little to no resources for teaching art to students, finding new and creative ideas about art education in the classroom is something all teachers can benefit from. Founded by elementary school art teachers Hillary Andrlik and Theresa McGee, The Teaching Palette offers numerous resources to help teachers effectively incorporate the arts into their lesson plan. From ideas and tips on classroom management to product reviews authored by teachers themselves, The Teaching Palette is doing some great work in advising teachers on the importance and necessity of giving students a world-class education in the arts.
  10. Dynamite Lesson Plan: While the many resources listed above showcase valuable information for teachers and educators looking to make a difference in education today, all this knowledge could be for naught without having the right lesson plan to go along with it. Elementary school teacher Damian Riley has founded a blog that gives teachers excellent ideas and resources on how to craft top-notch lesson plans for their unique classroom situation. In addition to tips, informative articles and lesson plan templates, Dynamite Lesson Plan also offers reviews of books that teachers can read for more in-depth information about lesson plans and how to create them.

Additional Resources
After taking a look at the blogs recommended above, here are a few additional resources to help you keep up with the ever-changing face of education in America:

  • Education Week: This site hosts tons of excellent articles and blogs having to do with teaching and education. Definitely bookmark this site and take some time to investigate all the information its many contributors have to share.
  • Edutopia: Another excellent educational resource, funded and produced by The George Lucas Educational Foundation, Edutopia offers a beautiful website layout with several key pieces of information to help you become the best educator around.
  • Homeroom: As the official blog of the U.S. Department of Education, educators can greatly benefit from keeping up-to-date on the many articles having to do with the state of public education in the United States.

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