22 Memes That Teachers Love

Memes are lots of fun, but did you know they can be educational? Sharing bite-sized bits of science, perspective, and even current events, some memes are actually quite clever and informative. We’ve found 22 memes that are bound to be a hit with teachers. Which one’s your favorite?

  1. Debate memes:

    Whether it’s Horses and Bayonets or Binders Full of Women, political memes, and specifically, debate memes, offer a vehicle for discussing current events with students. They offer a funny, engaging way to get students interested in the political ideas being debated today.

  2. "Hey Girl" for Teachers:

    What started as a Ryan Gosling love meme has turned into a vehicle for teacher appreciation. The "Hey Girl" for Teachers features celebrity heartthrobs (and the occasional Tina Fey) who demonstrate an understanding of how hard teachers work, and what a difference they make in the lives of students. Our favorite? Hey Girl, I love it when you laminate stuff.

  3. Terrible Teacher/Unhelpful High School Teacher:

    This one’s certainly debatable, as it pokes fun at some of the confusing messages teachers may send to their students and it’s pretty disrespectful. But at the same time, Terrible Teacher is a great learning opportunity for teachers who want to see their work from a student’s perspective and find out some of the frustrating things they may be doing without realizing it.

  4. Unhelpful High School Teacher [Teacher’s Rebuttal]:

    For teachers who love having the last word, the Teacher’s Rebuttal version offers the educator’s perspective on Unhelpful High School Teacher. This meme takes student complaints, and in true teacher fashion, marks up the inaccuracies with red ink.

  5. First World Problems:

    Although not educational in nature, First World Problems is a favorite for teachers. Why? It offers perspective for students who may not realize just how well we have it in the modern, developed world. With First World Problems, teachers can help students to better understand the many advantages that people in the first world enjoy, and others do without.

  6. Third World Success:

    Like First World Problems, Third World Success is all about perspective. Students likely don’t realize just how easy it is to live in our world, and exploring what success means in the third world is a great opportunity for teaching.

  7. What I Really Do:

    Teachers love the What I Really Do meme, thanks to the light it sheds on the hard work of teachers, whether they’re in art, science, or somewhere in between. Not only that, the meme explores other careers, from astronaut to photographer, giving a great opportunity for discussing the reality of careers with students.

  8. F Yeah, History Major Heraldic Beast:

    Due to profanity, this one isn’t likely to be shared in lots of classrooms, but teachers can enjoy it nonetheless. History teachers and educators with an appreciation for the finer points of history can find hilarious observations about the past. Our favorite: Spoiler Alert: They All Die.

  9. You Have Died of Dysentery:

    Remember Oregon Trail? This meme references the educational video game, Oregon Trail, that was popularly used in public schools during the 1980s and 1990s. It’s a fun throwback for teachers, whether they taught the game or played it themselves.

  10. Over-Educated Problems:

    Teachers know what it’s like to be the most educated person in the room, so it’s easy to identify with Over-Educated Problems. In this meme, the many problems of the over-educated are explored, including not being able to enjoy scientifically-inaccurate films, or constantly noticing grammar mistakes.

  11. Skateboarding Professor:

    Teachers are cool, too, and everyone knows it, thanks to Skateboarding Professor. Real-life University of Nebraska-Lincoln professor Tom Winter was snapped skateboarding to class, and educational types everywhere have benefited from his status.

  12. The Law of Exclamation:

    This lesser-known meme has not enjoyed widespread adoption, but it’s still a humorous and useful tool for teachers. The Law of Exclamation was created by IBM research, and it academically pokes fun at the excessive number of exclamation marks that can get out of hand.

  13. Keep Calm:

    Originating from a British World War II Propaganda poster, the Keep Calm meme has grown beyond its historical value, and become a highly flexible meme for promoting just about anything. Teachers can use Keep Calm to highlight the latest classroom developments. Our favorite classroom application: Keep Calm And Solve for X.

  14. Your E Cards:

    Like Keep Calm, Your E Cards offers teachers lots of flexibility for use in the classroom and beyond. These images can be used for teacher humor, quick lessons, and even classroom announcements.

  15. Bill Nye the Science Guy Remixes:

    Who doesn’t love Bill Nye the Science Guy? Everyone’s favorite science educator is making a big comeback, thanks to a meme featuring a series of remix songs based on his show’s theme song.

  16. Success Kid:

    Like Bill Nye, Success Kid seems to be universally loved, and teachers are no exception. This meme is a great resource for motivation and positivity, both for teachers and students.

  17. College Freshman:

    We’ve all been there: the awkward college freshman, but students haven’t gotten there yet. Sharing this meme, teachers can have fun setting expectations about college with their high school students.

  18. Chemistry Cat/Science Cat:

    Chemistry Cat and Science Cat are real favorites among teachers, particularly in the science department. This meme is full of jokes that play on science, and can be educational at the same time.

  19. Unimpressed Astronaut/Buzz Aldrin:

    Landing on the moon is a pretty awesome feat, and Unimpressed Astronaut isn’t afraid to milk it for all it’s worth. In this meme, and the related Buzz Aldrin meme, fun space facts and comparisons point out just how cool it is to land on the moon. Our favorite: Your phone has more computing power than Apollo 11? It must make your trips to the moon so much easier.

  20. Neil deGrasse Tyson:

    A popularizer of science, Neil deGrasse Tyson is famous for making science more accessible to the rest of us. And that’s exactly what his meme does, too, sharing funny, but interesting observations about science (and Tyson himself).

  21. One Does Not Simply:

    This meme started out as the phrase, "One does not simply walk into Mordor," taken from the Lord of the Rings movie. It’s proved to be a great foundation for explaining just about anything that can’t be done simply, like completing a game of Monopoly or clean up glitter.

  22. Pickup Line Scientist:

    Teacher fans of The Big Bang Theory will love this meme, featuring the character Howard Wolowitz from the show. In this meme, science facts are mashed up with pickup lines in an amazingly awkward, but funny and educational resource.

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