9 Free Resources to Help You Prepare for the GRE

You want to go to grad school, and with your good grades, just one thing stands between you and your dream school: the GRE. And since you probably haven’t taken a standardized test since high school, you’re going to need to brush up on your test-taking skills. With the help of these free resources, you should be ready to take on the GRE in no time.

  1. StudyBeans Study Guide:

    Get advice for every step of the studying process from StudyBeans. Make a study plan, focus on each subject individually, and learn the best test-taking strategies. Click around to get the most out of this resource.

  2. Number2:

    Though you have to enroll to access all the study aids on this site, it’s totally free! There are GRE tutorials, vocabulary, flashcards, and more. This site also lets you track your progress and tells you what you should be studying next.

  3. ETS:

    This test-prep nonprofit (the group that actually designed the GRE!) has dozens of resources for people taking almost any standardized test, and they don’t disappoint with their GRE offerings. Among their free study aids are reviews of the question types you’ll find on the test, scoring guides, and math reviews. Best of all, you can simulate your test-day experience by getting their free software or practice book.

  4. Kaplan Practice Test:

    The best way to assess where you are in your GRE studies is to take a realistic practice test. That’s where Kaplan comes in. You can take either a self-proctored or instructor-proctored test for free. If you choose to sign up for a GRE course through Kaplan, this will be used as your assessment. Kaplan also offers a "Question of the Day" email for even more free practice.

  5. Magoosh:

    So you’ve taken the ETS practice test but don’t understand why some of your answers were wrong? Let Magoosh’s videos explain. They offer almost 100 explanations free via YouTube, as well as sample problems, math tips, and vocabulary features. If you want more help from Magoosh, they also have paid programs.

  6. MajorTests’ Work Lists:

    The vocabulary on the GRE might take you by surprise. The words are more difficult than many first-time GRE-takers anticipate, so you’ll want to study up! MajorTests provides 15 word lists of 100 words each, from the most basic GRE words to the most difficult.

  7. Study Stack flashcards:

    Don’t waste your time writing out 500 GRE words by hand. Just use the digital flashcards from Study Stack. Flip through them as fast as you want, and separate them based on how well you know them.

  8. My GRE Tutor:

    This website is a treasure trove of GRE study materials and tips. It has more than 3,000 vocabulary words, 500+ practice questions, and over 100 tutorials. Build your study plan, get explanations for why one answer is better than another, and test your knowledge again and again.

  9. SparkNotes:

    You already know that SparkNotes can make your literature classes a breeze, but the site also has a section for GRE test prep. You’ll get a general overview of the sections, as well as tips for acing them on test day. Take the practice test and the diagnostic test, which will highlight the areas you need to work on most.

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