Refine Your ESL Education!

In the melting pot of the United States, where people from around the world come to live, study and work, there is intense interest in becoming fluent in English through ESL education. The resources listed in this guide are intended to supplement structured ESL classes and help ESL students refine their vocabulary, grammar and writing. Students should have their instructor review and approve any material before using it.

Exercises, Quizzes and Activities

  • Activities for ESL Students offers crossword puzzles, exercises, quizzes and tests to help ESL students perfect their vocabulary and grammar. English-only vocabulary and grammar quizzes, from easy to difficult, are provided. Bi-lingual quizzes are also available in dozens on languages including Arabic, Chinese, Croatian, Indonesian, Malay and Spanish.
  • At Dave’s ESL Cafe, in addition to quizzes, students can find lists of common idioms and their meanings, examples of how to use verbs in phrases and lists with examples of common slang terms. Grammar lessons are included under the hint of the day and cover conditional sentences, confusing words, conversational language, English sounds and spelling, gerunds, homophones and possessives.
  • ESL Partyland makes learning English as a second language fun by focusing on real life interests. On its food page, ESL students take grammar and vocabulary quizzes while reading off of a real menu. From the dating page, students fill-in the blanks of a short story about dating and breaking up. On the music page, ESL students can practice pronunciation and learn about sentence structure while studying and reciting song lyrics from popular artists like U2.

Audio/Video Comprehension Practice

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