Replacements for Teaching Degrees

Written By: Jillian Terry

One profession that is guaranteed to never be impacted by the recession is that of teaching.  Good teachers are in constant need around the country, especially in impoverished communities, causing a rise in programs such as Teach for America, which cater to the schools in these communities.  Teach for America is the most prominent organization that is very selective in its hiring process, but guarantees a qualified teacher as the end result of its rigorous application process. The key is, whether or not you have a teaching degree does not matter; as long as you are a bright, talented, and determined individual, you will be able to succeed in the program.

The education field is in dire need of new teachers, with so many unqualified teachers that are currently in classrooms around the country. While larger cities are beginning “clean-up” programs to rid their school districts of incompetent teachers, this does not solve the problem of finding new teachers to take their place. Programs like Teach for America, however, help bring in qualified individuals to teach in areas where most recent graduates would never dream of entering. As has been shown in recent years, teaching degrees do not always guarantee that the graduate has the best outlook of the education industry.

Many times, recipients of teaching degrees do not have the motivation to teach a room full of students every day, and this begins to show shortly into their teaching career. Organizations like Teach for America help weed out these potential teacher “drop outs” and hire individuals who have the determination to teach in one of the most difficult areas of the country without complaint. Additionally, Teach for America has a two year commitment for every applicant, which helps out these areas even further. Many of the impoverished areas around the country have a hard time attracting teachers because their pay is not the best and their students may be difficult to teach. However, the education system in this country will not begin to improve unless there are more programs like Teach for America that give teachers an incentive of sorts to teach in these areas. Teaching is about the ability to change lives, but in recent years it has become more about the “fall back” career choice for college graduates. Teach for America has helped bring the teaching process back to its original roots.

Teaching degrees are not always vital in becoming a teacher, but will not hurt your chances in entering the education industry. The best tools to have at your side, however, are the will and motivation to shape lives and encourage students to succeed at their endeavors.

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