100 Terrific Cheat Sheets for K-12 Teachers

By Kelsey Allen

Cheat sheets have a bad rap as a way for students to succeed on tests without actually knowing the information, but now it’s time for them to have a more positive place in education. Cheat sheets can offer a succinct way for students to study their lessons and provide an excellent boost to what you are already teaching them in class. Cheat sheets can provide helpful information for teachers too. Browse through this selection to find cheat sheets for a variety of subjects.

Language Arts

From grammar to literature, these cheat sheets offer plenty of help.

  1. The Teacher’s Cheat Sheet: Getting Students to Write Good Research Papers in Any Subject. Guide students through learning to write an effective research paper with this 23-day cheat sheet.
  2. Beloved timeline (teacher copy-cheat sheet!). For teachers using the novel, Beloved, in class, this timeline is a helpful resource that also includes a few teaching ideas.
  3. QRI Cheat Sheet. If you use the Qualitative Reading Inventory, then you will want to use this cheat sheet developed by a teacher.
  4. Franklin’s Grammar Cheat Sheet. This cheat sheet not only lists common grammar mistakes, but explains proper usage.
  5. Grammar Cheat Sheet. Another grammar sheet, this one is smaller, but also includes a few commonly misspelled words.
  6. Literary Terms and Poetry Glossary. From "allegory" to "tone," find the meaning of important literary terms here.
  7. Confusing Words and Phrases Cheat Sheet. Never use the wrong word again when you use this page for reference on those words that are commonly confused with similar words, such as "affect" and "effect."
  8. English Grammar Glossary. Learn terms found in English class, including adverbial clause, dangling modifiers, and prepositional phrase.
  9. Grammar, Usage & Style Cheat Sheet. This sheet offers tons of tips on parts of speech, verb usage, writing good sentences, punctuation, and much more.
  10. Shakespeare Glossary. Some of the phrases in Shakespeare’s works can be difficult to understand, so use this cheat sheet to understand many of them.
  11. Body Language Cheat Sheet for Writers. Use this cheat sheet to help improve your students’ creative writing when describing people’s reactions to situations.
  12. Map of Treasure Island. If you enjoy teaching Robert Louis Stevenson’s novel, then be sure to include this map for your students.


Learn about philosophers, Greek and Roman deities, and more with these cheat sheets.

  1. Greek Mythology Cheat Sheet. Keep track of all the important Greek gods with this cheat sheet.
  2. About Greek Mythology: The Olympian Gods. Get a simple description of the Olympian gods and goddesses with this cheat sheet.
  3. Those Whacky Greek and Roman Gods: A Quick Cheat Sheet. Learn about the major gods and goddesses and get both Greek and Latin names where they overlap.
  4. Titans and the Elder Deities That Existed Before The Roman Olympic Gods. This cheat sheet offers a diagram of the family trees of the earliest gods and goddesses.
  5. Olympian Gods in Greek Mythology. Print out this diagram to easily see the family connections between the Greek deities.
  6. Latin Words and Phrases for Philosophy. Print this list for a handy reference to Latin words used in the study of Philosophy.
  7. Philosophy Timeline. Click on each of these sections, including Greek, Roman, and Enlightenment, to receive a timeline of philosophy for each.
  8. “Cheat Sheet” Key Points of Philosophers, Political Thinkers, and Leaders: Key Documents in the Evolution of Democracy. From Plato to Karl Marx, learn the basic beliefs of these important philosophers.
  9. Trojan War: A Quick Cheat Sheet. This one-page cheat sheet offers a great description of the history and happenings behind the Trojan war.
  10. Common Latin Abbreviations Used in Research. Find both common and less common abbreviations that can help students understand what they are reading.

History, Government, and Social Studies

These cheat sheets will help students remember history, government, and social studies lessons more easily.

  1. Teacher "Cheat" Sheet Numbering the Bones. If you are teaching the book, Numbering the Bones, use this sheet for a listing of the characters, historically, significant points in the book, and a short glossary of terms.
  2. Teacher’s Cheat Sheet for Timeline Projects. This sheet gives a basic overview of the major time lines from prehistoric times to present day.
  3. Historical Coinage "Cheat Sheet". Learn the history of coinage, including from what material the coins were made, from as far back as 600 BCE.
  4. U.S. Presidents Cheat Sheet. This listing includes all the presidents, including when they served, their party affiliation, and their vice president.
  5. American Government Cheat Sheet: Protections in the Bill of Rights. Learn the rights provided by the first ten amendments of the Constitution here.
  6. American Government Glossary. This helpful listing provides brief explanations for terms related to American government such as "bicameral" and "deregulation."
  7. Civil War Cheat Sheet. Get a time line of important events surrounding the American Civil War on this page.
  8. Exploring the Film: A Lesson from Viva la Causa. Use this photo cheat sheet to teach about the film, Viva la Causa, or to have your own lesson about the power of grassroots efforts.


From math terms to basic math to algebra, trig, and calculus, these cheat sheets are sure to help your students.

  1. How To Cheat Sheet for Positive and Negative Numbers. This will help you explain the effects of adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing with positive and negative numbers.
  2. Math Cheat Sheet: 4-8: Probability, Exponents, Statistics and Graphs. Refresh yourself and get pointers on how to teach these concepts.
  3. Order of Operations Basic Worksheets. Get printable PDF worksheets to help teach the Order of Operations.
  4. Algebra Cheat Sheet: Scientific Notations. Get all the rules for using scientific notations here.
  5. Algebra Cheat Sheet. Get the basic properties and facts of algebra on these pages.
  6. Algebra I Cheat Sheet. Find algebra broken down to the basics with this cheat sheet.
  7. Trig Cheat Sheet. This cheat sheet covers the basics of trig.
  8. Calculus Cheat Sheet. Find limit definitions, properties, evaluation techniques, and more on this cheat sheet.
  9. Common Derivatives and Integrals. Use this information from a Calculus II class.
  10. Abstract Algebra Cheat Sheet. This cheat sheet is from an actual class, but may be useful in understanding some of the principles of abstract algebra.
  11. Basic Math & Pre-Algebra Cheat Sheet. From Cliffs Notes, this page offers helpful definitions and more.
  12. Math Cheat Sheet (6th – 8th Grade). Fractions, graphing, and basic algebra are covered here.
  13. Math Cheat Sheet (Kindergarten – 5th Grade). Estimation, shapes, inequalities, and more are found in this cheat sheet for lower grades.
  14. Geometry Cheat Sheet. Get symbols, abbreviations, variables, and formulas on this cheat sheet.
  15. Statistics Glossary. Find definitions for terms used in statistics classes here.
  16. Math Word Problems Glossary. This listing includes definitions for most of the common mathematical terms.


From minerals to anatomy and everywhere in between, these cheat sheets will give students a boost in your science classes.

  1. Olympic Minerals: Teacher Cheat Sheet. Teach about the mineral composition of many sport tools used in the Olympics to help supplement your science class.
  2. Teacher Cheat Sheet: Who Makes an Epidemic?. Use this cheat sheet to step students through the calculations that help scientists predict the spread of an epidemic.
  3. Journey Through Earth Teacher Cheat Sheet (640 meter walk). This cheat sheet helps you physically show the distance to the core of the Earth and also includes information about each layer.
  4. Anatomy & Physiology Glossary. Learn definitions for terms from biology, physics, and more that relate to anatomy and physiology.
  5. Biology Cheat Sheet. Find charts and diagrams describing basic biological terms with this cheat sheet.
  6. Chemistry Cheat Sheet. This cheat sheet covers many of the basic principles of chemistry.
  7. Dynamic Periodic Table of the Elements. This dynamic periodic table provides all the information you need.
  8. Earth Science Glossary. This extensive listing provides brief definitions for many common Earth science terms.
  9. Geology Glossary. Get basic definitions for geology terms here.
  10. Physics Cheat Sheet. Find important principles and laws as well as some formulas and values.


These cheat sheets aren’t just for students. Find help with Moodle, Google, and more.

  1. Technology Integration Cheat Sheet. Get tons of tips on how and what to include when teaching and integrating technology in the classroom.
  2. Google Guide Quick Reference. This sheet offers great suggestions for enhancing Google searches so you find exactly what you want.
  3. Mozilla Firefox Cheat Sheet. If you or your class uses Firefox, this cheat sheet will help you remember all the shortcuts and a few tips and tricks as well.
  4. Moodle cheat sheet. For those using Moodle, this cheat sheet will be helpful when getting started.
  5. Lingo Bingo and Cheat Sheet. Download these two pages to learn online acronyms students commonly use as well as definitions for several cybersafety-oriented terms.
  6. Microsoft Outlook Cheat Sheet: Tips and Shortcuts. If you use Outlook for your email, then this cheat sheet will come in handy.
  7. Cheat Sheet #3 Search Engine Not-Web-Search Services. From online maps to reference materials to places to go for news, this cheat sheet will point you in the right direction.
  8. What is emoticon?. Learn many of the basic emoticons with this handy listing.
  9. Gmail Shortcuts. Gmail users can print out this cheat sheet to keep track of all the shortcuts available.
  10. 10 ways to use your edublog to teach. Teachers using Edublog will appreciate this cheat sheet.

Foreign Language

Find help with Japanese, German, French, Spanish, ASL, and Latin below.

  1. Learn Japanese Cheat Sheet. Find basic phrases, numbers, and much more here.
  2. Japanese Particles Cheat Sheet. Japanese teachers will enjoy using this cheat sheet for teaching Japanese particles.
  3. A (relatively) easy guide to Japanese pronunciation. This cheat sheet breaks down Japanese pronunciation on one page.
  4. German Grammar Reference. This comprehensive reference sheet covers nouns, verbs, prepositions, and more to help get a handle on learning German.
  5. Cheat Sheet 1 for Writing Simple Sentences. Listen to this podcast to get a cheat sheet for learning how to write simple sentences in German.
  6. French Cheat Sheet. Find indirect and direct pronouns as well as important phrases on this cheat sheet.
  7. Common Expressions. This helpful cheat sheet provides French pronunciation tips and a few common expressions.
  8. Spanish Cheat Sheet. Get helpful usage rules and charts as well as some basic definitions here.
  9. Spanish Grammar Reference. Remember all the basics with the information found here.
  10. ASL Fingerspell Alphabet. Print this page for a graphic representation for the fingerspelling of the American Sign Language alphabet.
  11. Cheat Sheet for Sign Actions. Get a listing accompanied by verbal descriptions as well as drawings showing how to sign actions such as bathing, eat, more, and help.
  12. The Periodic Table of Latin Declensions. Latin students will find this sheet of declension rules handy.


If your students are learning English as a second language, then check out these cheat sheets.

  1. Worksheet – or Cheat Sheet – for English Teachers to Observe Conversations and Lead Class Discussions. Designed for older students, this cheat sheet will guide teachers in listening to students speak and helping the students learn proper pronunciation.
  2. Golden rules for English articles. Use these tips to help English language learners how to use a, an, and the.
  3. Can you ask questions correctly?. Help students formulate questions correctly with these tips.
  4. Count and Noncount Nouns. Students can learn which nouns can be counted and which cannot with this handout.
  5. American Idioms. Get a listing of common American idioms that can sometimes confuse English language learners.
  6. Verb List. This listing includes both regular and irregular verbs as well as pronunciation help.
  7. Saying Street Numbers. Learn how American’s say street numbers and see how the numbers are written.
  8. Saying Phone Numbers. Find out how to say a phone number in America as well as get other special tips for using phone numbers.
  9. Using Personal Titles #1: Generic (General) Titles for Women. Help students learn the proper way to address women with this cheat sheet.
  10. Using Personal Titles #2: Generic (General) Titles for Men. This cheat sheet is just like the one for women, except offers help in addressing men.
  11. Using Personal Titles #5: Titles Used in Schools. It’s important for students to understand how to properly address those in the school, so print this handout to help them learn.
  12. Simple (Yes / No) Questions (#1). Students can learn the basics for forming and answering yes/no questions with this cheat sheet.


From bully prevention to Pirate vocabulary, these cheat sheets cover a wide range of topics.

  1. Victims: Preventing Students from Becoming ‘Bully-Targets’. This handout helps teachers understand how they can empower students to become bully-proof.
  2. IEP Cheat Sheet. If you are in charge of running a meeting for a student’s IEP, this cheat sheet will step you through all that you should do–based on this Delaware school district’s plan.
  3. Special Education IEP Cheat Sheet. This version of an IEP cheat sheet is just for parents. Teachers can share this with their special ed students’ families.
  4. Grade Point Average (GPA) Cheat Sheet. Learn all about GPAs and how they are figured with this cheat sheet from this Georgia high school.
  5. My Mac Cheat Sheet. Download this cheat sheet, then complete it with all the information about your Mac so you will always have it handy, if necessary.
  6. Pirate Vocabulary List Cheat Sheet. Teachers can have plenty of fun introducing pirate vocabulary with this cheat sheet.
  7. NCLB: Act II: The House Cheat Sheet, Part 1. This article covers the basics of the reauthorization of NCLB in 2007. If you need to understand it all, this is a great way to get up to speed quickly.
  8. Interview Cheat Sheet. Designed just for students, teachers working on helping students with interview skills will appreciate the information here.
  9. The College Savings Cheat Sheet. Teachers can share this information with middle and high school students looking at college in their future.
  10. Your Mass Notification Cheat Sheet. Learn about the pros and cons of various ways to notify your entire school when emergencies arise with this cheat sheet.

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