How to bear the Graduate School Cost Burden with the Help of Scholarships for Masters Students

Written By: Jillian Terry

College is expensive, there is no way about it.  Even online colleges are more expensive than many of us would hope for, but the fact remains that there are ways around these costs, such as grants and scholarships.  While graduate school scholarships and grants involve different methods, they are still attainable as long as you continue to put your best effort into your studies.

There is no way to get around the cost of graduate school, but if you decide to get a Masters in the sciences or the maths, there is a high probability that you will get most (if not all) of your tuition paid for by various grants.  Many schools now offer science-geared students the opportunity to receive full benefits in graduate school if they continue on in a particular field.  While this is still strictly limited to graduate programs with a science background, there have been few instances where other liberal arts oriented masters programs have offered similar grants.  Going through graduate school tuition free is one luxury that students cannot pass up and offers you many advantages later in life.

Other options for large scholarships include enrolling in a military program.  While this is not the career path for everybody, most military divisions offer students full paid tuition for their continuing educational endeavors.  The army and the Marines both offer full paid scholarships to public universities for former troops, thereby enticing their employees to continue their education after completing their service.  Many of these programs continue on until graduate school, effectively saving these students thousands of dollars in college costs.  While this is not the route for everybody, it is something to think about if you are on the edge of joining a military division but still want to earn a degree later in life.

Additionally, there are many foundations that offer scholarships to graduate students depending on both your school and your field.  While these scholarships may not be easy to attain, they can be won by putting in some hard work and focusing on the end result.  Many scholarships require fully written papers or essays as proof of your ability to work hard or write well; others require past transcripts and a certain grade point average.  There are essentially scholarships available for every type of student, regardless of what type of grade you make or what kind of writer you are.  Simply taking the time to research into scholarships is the best way to earn one and to help pay for your studies.  Graduate school is not cheap (especially after following the cost of college) and simply taking some time out to prepare for a scholarship competition does not seem so hard in the long run. 


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